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Prayer Requests
If you have any prayer requests, please let one of us know.  We would love to help.  We can pray in confidence for you, or include your prayers in church if you wish.  We also have a team of volunteers who would be happy to pray for you in their own private prayers and a pastoral team who would be happy to visit.

Geoff Hogbin        01844 201197

Joy Payne            01844 208513

Darren Sampson  01844 208740

Sharon Sampson 01844 208740

Prayer Suggestions
Prayer is the foundation of all we do in our daily lives as well as in our church life - after all, a relationship thrives on communication.   As we pray throughout the month on our own, or in gatherings on Sunday and during the week, can I invite us to pray for these particular people:
Giving thanks for our ministry team, ordained and lay, who lead our Sunday worship in all its forms, our house and prayer groups, and those who visit people in their homes.   In our 3 villages, please pray for members of our Armed and Emergency Services who live or serve here.

If this includes you and you’d like us to pray for something in particular, then email Richard on We won’t use your name if you ask us to keep it confidential.